Data files for paper: ProGolem: a system based on relative minimal generalization

published on the proceedings of the 19th International Conference of Inductive Logic Programming


YAP 6.0 is needed. Download the latest version here.

The exact YAP 6.0 build used for these experiments can be downloaded here (then compile from source).


Two types of datasets were used: Classical (Carcino, Alzheimers, DSSTox, Proteins, Pyrimidines, Metabolism) and Phase Transition (check this paper for more info).

ILP engines

Golem, Aleph and ProGolem (one of the ILP engines in GILPS.)

The version of ProGolem, Aleph and Golem used on this paper, together with a README and some scripts for running them, are here.

Notice about running ProGolem with the latest version of YAP

Read this note please

Last updated: 20th April 2010